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First Drop

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A Cafe Journey: 20 Years of First Drop in Redfern and Beyond

When First Drop started in 2003, it was a cosy corner café on Baptist and Telopea Streets in Redfern. What began as Michael’s dream for a local cafe soon turned into a community haven; by keeping things simple and executing the basics at the highest level, First Drop became a staple to locals.

In 2007 Christopher Hing, Michael’s brother-in-law, officially joined and made it a family business. Christopher’s multicultural background of Greek and Chinese has influenced the menu with an appealing blend of flavours.

Fast forward to 2015, after more than a decade of serving the Redfern community, First Drop was thriving. Christopher Hing, Michael’s brother-in-law, had been part of the journey since his university days, working at the café while completing his degree. It became his home away from home, and so, he officially joined the family business, becoming an integral part of the First Drop story.

Now in 2023, First Drop marks a momentous milestone – 20 years of serving the community with unwavering dedication and love. The opportunity to expand was presented, and the boys saw it as a sign to venture into the Inner West. Marrickville became the chosen spot for the second venue, as its multicultural and diverse spirit embodied the essence of First Drop.

Throughout the years, First Drop has etched itself as a cherished gem in the Redfern café scene. With good coffee, delectable food, and exceptional service, they have remained dedicated to serving not only the local community but also greater Sydney. As they step into the next chapter of their story, First Drop continues to spread its warmth and hospitality, creating memorable experiences and welcoming every visitor like family.